Shaping Tomorrow with Inpsire 2 Ignite

Inspire 2 Ignite

Shaping Tomorrow with Inspire 2 Ignite: A Call to Action! 🤙🏼

What @aspirewithsquire & @alex_hughes_shift are doing with these young people is nothing short of incredible, we have seen first hand the growth of young talents over the last twelve months like Lewis Newark, Bailey Readings and Bo Hudson is madness. It shows exactly what can be done in the right environment for these young people to flourish. It shows the power of support and opportunity.

Lee Candler summarised perfectly;

The Triangle of Logic:
The Need: Construction industry requires 250K new recruits by 2027.
The Resource: 800K young NEETs seeking direction.
The Cost: A staggering £19.2 Billion to the UK economy.

This isn’t just a challenge; it’s a glaring opportunity! The logical solution is clear – connect the dots and empower these young minds. With the right support, we can turn potential into progress.

@kellycartwright_ is proud to be an Inspire 2 Ignite Champion. Together, we can address this crisis and foster a brighter future. Let’s support, inspire, and build a better tomorrow. And maybe let’s start asking “Who do you want to be”. 💭

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Just Another Manic Monday.. at BBC Radio Norfolk!

BBC Radio Norfolk

Just another manic Monday and what a giggle to it was! 📻 😂

Thank you to BBC Radio Norfolk and Kayleigh for having @kellycartwright_ on to talk about the dress and the message behind it.

If you missed it; catch up on @bbcsounds

#radionorfolk #bbcsounds

Happy 6th Work Anniversary Willy!

Sarah Wilson Work Anniversary

⭐️ Happy Anniversary Willy! ⭐️

You are consistently our star of the week for the last 312 weeks, here’s to many more 🤩

Every single week you show up, give it 110% and always go the extra mile. You are the most competitive person we know, but this makes you the best in the biz. 🔥

International Mens Day 2023 – Shout out to these Men!

International Mens Day 2023

Today is International Mens Day and we should be celebrate men, just like we do women on IWD 🫶🏼

We want to give a huge shout out to some of the men in our network, who have had an impact on us; whether that’s being an ally, supporting us, doing some incredible things in your space that we champion or even just a message with some words of encouragement.

We appreciate you, not just today – but, every single day.

Your impact doesn’t go unnoticed. 💙

#InternationalMensDay #ShoutOut #ThankYou

Thursday Evening was Double Bubble Award Evenings!

National Building and Construction Awards

Thursday night was double bubble award evenings but as amazing as Kelly Cartwright 🦺 is she hasn’t mastered being in two places at once 😂

We were a finalist of the Diversity Champion Award at Scale-Up Awards


Finalist of the Sub Contractor of the Year Award and Kelly WON – GOLD – Women in Construction Award at National Building & Construction Awards

These are huge accolades for our business and a huge testament to our teams dedication. 🧡

Let’s keep sh*t real though guys, these awards may seem all glitz and glam but here’s Kelly getting changed in a car park to drive home at 1am 😂

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