Core Recruiter Collabs with CITB!

CITB Bircham Newton Collaboration

Big news for those of you in the construction game hunting for jobs. CITB Bircham Newton and Core Recruiter are teaming up to bring you some fantastic job opportunities. Get ready to dive into the world of construction careers with this awesome collaboration!

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Notre Dame – Speed Careers Networking Event

Careers Networking Event - Notre Dame

Last week Kelly & Molly headed back to school for a Speed Careers Networking Event with their Year 9 Students. 📖

Let’s be honest, at that age I don’t think any of us had a clue as to what we wanted to be when we were older… 🤷🏻‍♀️

But the event gave exposure to 40 different industries, and maybe gave some inspiration to these young students.

For the girls, it was important to be honest with their stories and how they have both ended up where they are now, as Kelly wanted to go into Advertising & Marketing and Molly wanted to go into Events & Wedding planning… now look at them both!

Co.Next – Management Vs Leadership

Management vs Leadership - Co.Next

Management is like orchestrating a flawless concert, making sure every instrument plays its part efficiently, whereas leadership is more like being the Rockstar on stage… getting the crowd going and creating an unforgettable experience. Both are essential for a successful show, but they play different roles.

Do you feel your workplace is full of rockstars or conductors? – Norfolk Chambers of Commerce are hosting an event next Thursday, with an incredible panel of local rockstars and conductors (including our very own KC), we shall hear from them first hand on their own experiences and how they feel on the topic.

· Jamie Minors, Co-Founder of Minors & Brady Estate Agents and Lettings

· Kelly Cartwright 🦺, Owner of Core Recruiter Ltd

· Stephen Moseley, Course Leader and Lecturer at City College Norwich

· Jason Carlton, Managing Director at Uptech

· Sam Squire, CEO of Inspire 2 Ignite CIC

· Julie Furnell 🌳💻, Managing Director of Mobilityways

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Oh No…. Molly turns the Big 3-0!

Molly turns 30

Happy 29 + 🖕🏼 birthday Molly!

You brighten up every single day, mostly when you are giving the rest of us a bit of stick and when you just randomly burst out into song!

Friday we had an day of early celebrations! Don’t let those bubbles stop flowing 🍾🥂😘